Year 4 – Poems

Hello Year 4,

I hope you are all ok and are enjoying your last week of Year 4. Can you believe the year has gone so quickly?! This week, Miss Vokes and myself have loved reading your poems, especially the ones reflecting on your favourite memories of Year 4. We enjoyed reading them so much that we wanted to share some of them on the blog today!

Archie’s poem: 

When I first went through the door in Year 4. I was very brave and on the rainforest day we met a man called Dave.

When the months flew by we met a guy. And he was called Mr Howley. But a couple of weeks later we had to say bye.

At the end of the year four when we went out the door. We did not know that this was going to end like a sad little paw.


Robert’s poem:
On rainforest day I held a centipede and a tarantula, maybe they were once caught in a net,
The way they tickled my hand is something I will never forget
The Christmas party was exciting and fun
We played space checkers and I won
I’ve moved up many levels on times table rock stars
I’m a rock legend and I’m collecting all the guitars
I’ve enjoyed playing the trumpet
How exciting can this poem get?
In the Christmas play I was an elf
I had to make sure no toys were left on the shelf

Karina’s poem:

Learning to swim 25 meters

Every one working as a team

Not giving up

Not knowing that one day I will achieve something new

Opening a new class reader book

No one ever stopes they keep going


Moving up in time table rock stars

Christmas party

Christmas play

A game called 4 coneres

Rainforest day

Transition day

Never stop going

Earning holidays

You marking my work



Yuvraj’s poem:

My time in Year 4

When I leave Year 4 I will be grateful
For all the times my teacher has helped me
To get better at maths, and smashing TTR
I wish to say thank you, I hope you agree

When I leave 4, I will remember lots of great things
Like amazing science lessons and a crazy Christmas party
Becoming a rock legend, the rainforest roadshow
Learning new things, like all about the human body

I will remember meeting my teachers for the first time
Through to the picnic at the end of the year
Maybe the last time I see lots of friends
For a while at least until September is here

I enjoyed home learning during lockdown
I enjoyed keeping safe to fight Covid away
I will miss my teacher and want to say thank you again
I loved year 4 and that’s how my memories will stay


Keira’s poem: 

Memories of year 4

Are special to me, because this year was not how we were expecting it to be.

We got to do things together though

An these are the things I wanted you to know

I really enjoyed our Christmas party

When we were all happy and very prance-y

I have also enjoyed our choir performances

Performing in front of huge audiences

Swimming lessons were fun too

Swimming in the deep, deep blue

But now we are all moving on

But I will remember this year as time goes on.


Lola’s poem:

Year 4 adventures

Rainforest day:

Rare insects you don’t really see

An insect such as a stick bug

Inside was very squished

None of the animals were scary

For everyone there were a few which were scared

On a stick there were bugs crawling across it

Reddish brown centipede were being held

Ending with some pictures

Sometimes spiders are vicious

The animals were not common

Do they bond with each other

And what is there life like

You can only imagine

Sophie’s poem:


In year four,

The teaches are kind,

They can help you when you need them

In year four.


In year four,

Swimming lessons are the best,

They help your fitness,

The water is very nice,

In year four.


In year four,

The Science is very fun,

It is very interesting,

In year four.


In year four,

The spellings are hard,

They help you,

You learn new words,

After year four…



It is so lovely to see that you all have lots of great memories of Year 4 and are proud of all of the different things you have achieved. Keep up the great work with your home learning activities today and tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!

Miss Harris


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