Mrs Buckby’s Summer Course











Mrs Buckby’s summer classes have been great and the feedback, from parents and children, has been really positive.

“Thank you Mrs Buckby my daughter is really enjoying her weekly sessions. Its gives her something to look forward to”
” You have made her day by choosing next weeks song choice, she is already practising! ” 
” My son loved today’s session, already looking to next week” 
” Thank you Mrs Buckby for giving us the chance to do what we love and see our friends on Zoom” 
” Its really nice to meet some new children who enjoy doing the same as me” 
” It’s really strange at the moment so I love doing performing arts because we haven’t been able to do it for a long while” 

The lessons are held on Friday mornings, 10am till 10.40am, via Zoom. This exciting Summer course is £2 for each session and details of the upcoming sessions are listed below.

Week 4 ~14/08/2020~Ugly Dolls (Showing on Netflicks, check it out!)

Week 5~21/08/2020 ~ Ugly Dolls cont’

Week 6~28/08/2020 ~ Children’s Choice

For booking details and Zoom Link, please email


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