Mozart – A big well done!

Over the past three days, we have been very busy with lots of learning as well as starting some our new units of work in History and Science. Each and everyday, I have been really impressed by the hard work everyone has put in.

In English, we have been busy learning our new model text, Nemal and the Elder. After only three days, everyone is able to recite the text, following the story map, brilliantly! Today, we read and listened to some other stories that shared similarities with our model text and discussed what these were. In Reading, we have been looking at an extract from Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’ and exploring the author’s choice of vocabulary and the impact this has on us as a reader. I have been so impressed with everybody’s hard work in maths too, particularly with the times table rock stars we have been completing over the past few days. It has been lovely to hear lots of you say how proud you are of your scores and that you have been practising lots at home!

We also started our new Science topic today on ‘States of Matter’. We learnt about the three states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and the properties of each of these. We then worked together to create a quiz on Microsoft forms. I have added the link here incase you would like to go back onto the quiz and answer the questions!

Last week, we discussed our class rules and spoke about how ‘trying our best’ is something that we all need to do and I am pleased to say that it is definitely something that everybody has been doing! You have all had a great start to the week and should be really proud of yourselves. Keep up the hard work!

Miss Harris

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  • 9th September 2020 at 11:29 pm

    William has told us about this all evening! Got 7/7, woohoo!


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