Year 3 Rowling – a wonderful week!

We have had a fantastic week in Rowling class this week! It has certainly been a busy week and we have had lots to do but we have enjoyed all of our learning.

Here are a few highlights of our week.

We have started our class reader, Charlotte’s Web. We are loving this book and we want to read it all of the time! We’ve already reached chapter 3 and hope to read more next week. Can you tell someone at home about the story so far?

In maths this week we have been looking at place value and understanding hundreds, tens and units. We’ve enjoyed using dienes and Numicon to help us. Today, we had a coded 100 square and we had to problem solve carefully to put the pieces in the right place.

It was quite tricky, but with perseverance we got there!

In English, we have been learning a new text called Kassim and the Greedy Dragon. It is a brilliant text! I wonder if you can rehearse the text at home using the text map?

Today, we completed a tell me grid, sharing our likes, dislikes, any questions and any patterns we noticed. We had some strong opinions about this text and could express them clearly.

Finally, today we started our new History topic. The Stone Age to the Iron Age. The questions that came from the children today we incredibly thoughtful and it was clear how engaged everyone was. We looked at artefacts and images that archaeologists had found and tried to decide what they were used for. Again, we used our knowledge and thought clearly about what life was like in the Stone Age for Hunter-gatherer’s.

What a fantastic week Rowling class! I know we’re all incredibly tired now so enjoy your weekend and remember to wear PE kit on Monday.

Have a fab weekend!

Miss Gedney

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