Year 5 – Key Skills

Hello Year 5,

We are sorry that lots of you were unable to view the pictures with this weeks Key Skills, these were also available on the blog and we thought you might like to see some solutions to the maths problems we set.

Task A: there was more than one way of solving this problem here are some examples you could have used, thank you to those children who shared their solutions with us…..



Task B – this was more tricky and may have involved some trial and error to see which numbers worked for each of the shapes, here is a possible starting point:

I first noticed that the products of equations C and D are both square numbers. Since the products of both are different to the factors, this rules out 1 and so there are only two possible square numbers between 0 and 12: 4 and 9. Therefore the oval and the star each equal 4 or 9, and the rectangle and the square each equal 2 or 3.

Equation B involves the two different integers from equation D. The two possible answers must be [2 × 4 = 8] or [3 × 9 = 27]. 27 isn’t a number between 0 and 12, so this can’t be the correct equation. Instead, we know that the purple square is equal to 2, the orange oval is equal to 4, and the yellow semicircle is equal to 8. This also means that equation C is [3 × 3 = 9]. We can substitute these numbers into other equations A,E,F,G.


This weeks Key Skills will be focusing on place value to secure what we have been doing in the classroom.

Year 5 Team 🙂

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