Year 1: Paddington

This week in our topic lessons Paddington class have been very busy!



In Art we have been copying and making patterns using lines of varying sizes and creating different tones.






In science we have been looking at animals, specifically birds this week! We were able to label the different parts of a Kingfisher, such as it’s beak, claws, wings and tail. We were also learning facts about Emu’s, Ostriches and Penguins. Can you remember any of the facts you learnt?





Finally, in History we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II. We learnt that she has 6 different homes but the main one is Buckingham Palace in London. We then learnt some facts about Buckingham palace such as how many rooms and bathrooms it has. Then we were able to design our very own palace.




Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Miss Frampton

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