Forest School

Matilda Class had a great time at Forest School today.  We looked at the signs of autumn and collected leaves, sticks and berries to decorate hedgehogs.  There was lots of talk about what would look best as the hedgehog’s spikes and what other animals hibernate in the winter.

The children enjoyed making mud soup and talked about the instructions they have been working on for how to make turnip soup in literacy.  They remembered lots of the bossy verbs and the adverbial phrases as they talked about what they were doing.  We also took some 3d shapes outside to see if we could find examples of these shapes in Forest School.  The children spotted that the tree stumps, tyres, buckets and saucepans were all cylinders.

See if you can spot a cylinder, cuboid or cube around you over the weekend.  Are there any in the kitchen cupboard?  Do you use something when playing a board game that is a cube?


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