Reception – fun with phonics

It’s hard to believe that the Reception children only started school a few weeks ago. Such fantastic progress is being made and we are so pleased with how all of the children are engaging in their phonics lessons! The children are loving learning the new letter sounds and their related story, song and actions. The children have been so keen to take their learning home that we are receiving many Tapestry observations each evening where the children have found items at home beginning with that day’s letter sound and have asked their parent to upload a photo for us to see. Many extra Dojo points have been awarded for all the extra effort! 😀 (Thank you to all of the parents who are taking the time to share their child’s enthusiasm – we can only apologise if you have the phonics songs constantly going around in your head!)

In only a few short weeks, the children have learnt so much and we have shared so many ’eureka’ moments where children have realised that they can read simple words all by themselves. Great job satisfaction and a lovely moment when a child declared “My mum said that I had to go to school so I can learn to read, but I never thought I’d do it so quickly! Look in my book it says c  a  p that’s the word ‘cap’. I can read the word cap!”

It just goes to show that phonics is fun! 😀 Well done Reception! 👏


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