Robinson and Wiggins busy week!

Well, Robinson and Wiggins class has been busy this week and it’s not over yet!
For the last couple of weeks on Mondays we have been learning and practicing how to cross the road. We learnt all about Stop, Look, Listen and Think. The importance of being safe, how to be bright to be seen, and we actually went out to the zebra crossing to practice in person. We then played in the leaves which was great fun!
Wednesday at Forest School was a wet one! Most of us found every puddle on the field and playground and got covered in mud!
Today we sponge painted a giant pumpkin, and decorated our own smaller pumpkin pictures, we also wrote some postcards to ourselves to learn our addresses, hopefully the postman will find our houses!
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?!
Have a wonderful Half term week together and we’ll see you back at school on the 3rd November.

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