Matilda Forest School

Matilda Class had a wonderful time at Forest School on Friday. We began our session with a pumpkin and conker hunt. Hidden in the forest were lots of pumpkin cards and conkers for the children to find. The children had to look high and low to find them.

After that, we talked more about Autumn and how some people like to hang Autumn wreaths from their doors to celebrate the season. The children were split into groups and working together had to design their own wreath using the things they could find in the forest. All children set to the task and the adults were amazed to see children talking, collaborating and helping each other to get the job done. Each group presented their wreath to the rest of the class and they all looked so different!

We hung our wreaths outside the class to celebrate our love for the season Autumn!

Have a wonderful weekend Matilda class.

Mrs Chamberlain

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