What a busy day!

What a busy day the children had today. We started with a 20 minute workout with Joe Wicks which left me wondering how fit I really am! I was exhausted after just 20 minutes so I cannot imagine how he felt to be ending his 24 hour exercise challenge. The children could not believe how long he had been awake for, let alone exercising for all that time.

We worked extremely hard in our maths lesson, with some of the children fine tuning their partitioning skills.

English was comparing two cumulative texts and elsewhere we squeezed in some great work all about emotions and how we might look when we are experiencing different feelings, a huge junk modelling robot was also created, a competition about collective vocabulary, pomegranate tasting, character descriptions in reading and finishing off with watching the Children in Need duck race. Unfortunately our class duck, Holy Quackamole, didn’t finish in the top three but it was an exciting race nonetheless!

Don’t forget to log on to the class Teams notebook to complete the home learning task that has been set for this week.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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