Year 4 – Lennon-McCartney

Good morning again everyone! I hope you are enjoying your online learning so far this week and well done for all of your hard work so far!

Don’t forget to press the blue ‘hand in’ button on Teams, even if you have accessed all of the work through the One Note app – this shows me that your work is finished and I can send it back to you with feedback – some of you have viewed the assignments and completed some of the work but have forgotten to hand it in! I am sure after a few days, this will become much easier with practice.

I found this image which I think has some great words to remind us of some of the qualities you all have as learners. I just wanted to remind you that you show all of these skills in school and you are capable of showing these skills at home too! Be as determined as you are at school and persevere with your online learning and you will achieve great things.

Have a great day!

Miss Vokes

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