Reception – Forest School

Good Morning Reception!

Wednesday is usually our Forest School day, my favourite time of the week 😊 

I loved seeing your winter walk photos last week, and was impressed with how many things you found to show us that we are in the winter season. 

This week I wanted to link our Forest School activity with our learning focus from maths and Kinetic Letters. We have been learning about different shapes in maths this week, and have been practising our capital letter formations in Kinetic Letters. 

My challenge for you in Forest School today is can you collect some sticks from outside, and use them to craft either a 2D shape, or the capital letter for your name. You could then use string or wool to decorate your stick craft, or maybe you have other things at home that you would like to use. 

I look forward to seeing your stick crafts uploaded later to Tapestry. 

Mrs Read 😊 


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