Year 1- Matilda Class

Good morning Matilda Class!  We hope you are all staying safe.



This week in English we have been learning the story of Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful! We have enjoyed reading the story and getting to know the main character, Bob. Whilst reading the story Bob meets two other characters who he is destined to help. Bob becomes a good friend and is very ‘useful’! We have been learning what the word useful means…

Useful – if something is useful it can help you.  E.g. When you are lost, a map can be useful.

We have been thinking about how we are useful/helpful to others. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Help my Mum to wash the dishes.
  • Tidy up my toys when I have finished playing.
  • Be kind to a friend if they are sad.
  • Help to wash the car with my Dad.
  • Listen to my teacher.
  • Pick up the coats that are not on the pegs.




This week see how many useful and helpful things you can do whilst at home! Have a great week learning and we look forward to seeing all of your work.

Helping others is how we help ourselves.

When we do things for others, everyone feels good.

Miss Twigg

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