Recycle and the Environment Week 3

Week 3 of our project and we were so pleased that the school had now fully opened. The project now continued as home learning each week, with children accessing the Sway from their Office 365 Teams page. There was a buzz around school about the project and children started to bring some of their creations and learning into school to share with pride. Conversations were taking place across school with children regarding recycling and what more we could do in school to care for our environment.

During Week 3, the children learned about the following-


  • Learning about food waste and how to recycle food
  • UK food waste statistics
  • Art- creating art with food, papier mache bowls, bottle top burgers
  • Music- Making music with utensils from your kitchen. Creating different rhythms and identifying low and high pitch sounds.
  • DT- cooking and baking

Please take a look at the Sway for week 3 here-


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