Year 5 Einstein Class – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Our unit of work on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ has come to an end. The children  have enjoyed learning the story told in the play during our English lessons. Our work focused on the relationships and connections  between the characters, particularly Hermia, Lysander and Egeus, Hermia’s father. Through drama activities, including reading two scenes from the first Act of the play in the original Shakespearean English. we explored the situation in which Hermia finds herself in the play – wanting to marry Lysander, the man she loves, whilst facing possible punishment for not marrying her father’s choice of suitor, Demetrius. The children worked towards their final written piece, a letter in role as Hermia, to her father, on the subject of her forthcoming marriage. The children worked hard on planning, drafting, editing and presenting their letters and raised some great points in their letters, using very convincing language.  They also worked really hard at producing their best handwriting in their final copy. Well done, everyone. We hope you enjoy reading some examples of the writing. Tomorrow, the children will start their new unit of work on creating action in story writing, using ‘The Adventures of Odysseus: The Cyclops’ as the stimulus.

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