Rowling Class at Irchester

Year 3 have had an AMAZING day at Irchester Country Park today.

After a very exciting coach journey we made it to the park. We went on the long woodland walk first, we walked a long way! There were hills to climb, bogs to avoid and lots of things to find on a scavenger hunt around the park. The best bit was definitely finding the dinosaur fossils and bones hidden within the park!

We found somewhere to have a sit down and rest our legs before more exploring.

After a lovely lunch, it was our turn to take part in the Stone Age activities. We split into 2 groups to do this. We enjoyed making dens, shooting willow bows and arrows and finally the best part of the day, fire lighting! We had to be really careful and use a flint and strike the metal with the flint to create a spark. We were very good at making sparks! We then got to set fire to the cotton wool. Everyone was really careful and sensible.

After that, we pressed flowers, decorated clay using natural resources and created art work with objects and red paint. It’s been a jam packed day!

We’ve had a fantastic but tiring day today and I know everyone will sleep well tonight!

Well done Year 3

Miss Gedney

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