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Twycross zoo


Year 5 went to Twycross Zoo on the 23rd June.. It was an epic trip filled with many animals. First of all, we learnt that many animals are crucially endangered like some types of monkeys. Secondly, my favourite animal was the gibbon because it was like a professional athlete. Everyone was laughing and it was a great trip. Thank you to the teachers for taking us.

By Yuvraj


At Twycross zoo, I enjoyed all the animals and finding out how they live their life. One of my favourite animals was the chimpanzee because it stuck its tongue out at us, which made us laugh! We saw zebras, penguins and loads of monkeys. We even saw a baby monkey! I also learnt that a giant tortoise can swim even though they can weigh up to 250kg. which is around 4 people! We also saw some kirk dik-diks, which I have never seen before; they are really shy but extremely cute. Later on, we also saw a tiger, lemurs and zebras. As we were leaving, everyone was tired after the fun day at Twycross zoo.

By Keira

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