Thank you Dyson class

What a year it has been. Dyson class have expertly navigated their way through another lockdown and extended period of home schooling, only to return to school and find they have a new teacher. It has been an absolute honour, getting to know each and every child in my class during my short time at Simon De Senlis. The children have made me feel very welcome and have continued to focus and strive ahead with their learning across all areas of the curriculum. They have adapted quickly to the demands that this year has thrown at them and I know that as they move into Year 6, this resilience and quiet determination will help them to flourish further.
I would just like to say, a huge thank you for all the lovely presents and treats we have received. They were incredibly thoughtful and generous. Enjoy the summer holidays everyone, stay safe and remember to have plenty of adventures.

Mrs Anstey and Mrs Jacznik. 

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