Murray Class – The ‘Killer Cat’ causes mayhem before school!

Today, from the evidence that I found this morning when I came into school; the ‘Killer Cat’ entered school and destroyed all of the classrooms! It was a sunny morning and I had a lovely breakfast of porridge and fruit. After breakfast, I drove the short distance to school. When I arrived into the school car park, I saw something unusual out of the corner of my eye. It was a long, yellow tape that said ‘DO NOT ENTER’. I was greeted by Mrs Fennelly who shared some terrible news with me. She explained that the ‘Killer Cat’ had entered school looking for it’s prey and in the process of trying to find a tasty snack, the ‘Killer Cat’ destroyed the classrooms! When I entered the classroom, I noticed that the chairs and tables had been knocked over. The whiteboards and pencil cases had been thrown all over the floor too! What a mess the school was! When I looked closely I noticed some evidence that the ‘Killer Cat’ had left behind on my whiteboard. Luckily, I was able to tidy up all of the mess before the children entered the classroom. When I shared the news with the children today, the children found some other evidence that the ‘Killer Cat’ had left behind that I had missed! There were scratches over the windows and paw prints too! I really do hope that the ‘Killer Cat’ does not return to look for it’s prey again because I don’t want to keep tidying up after that naughty ‘Killer Cat’. Please do let me know if you see the ‘Killer Cat’ around the East Hunsbury area so I can speak directly to him!

Thank you!

Miss McGarrity

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