Mandela Meeting with the Hope Centre

This week in Year 6 we were extremely lucky to virtually meet Eliza who works for the Hope Centre in Northampton. We learnt about the role of the Hope Centre in Northampton, finding out how they tackle poverty, housing and homelessness through a range of services which they offer to those in need. We were surprised by just how much they offer to those who need it and engaged really well in a question and answer session at the end.

We discussed a range of services which they offer including temporary accommodation, affordable food and free hot dinners for the homeless. As a class, we we particularly interested in how the Hope Centre supports the users to become more independent and the impact which these services have on users in the long-term.

I was extremely impressed with the maturity, compassion and understanding shown by everyone in Mandela Class throughout the meeting. Now, let’s make sure we all do our bit by donating to the collection in school!


Mr Howley

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