A Magical Quest!

This morning, the children came into school excitedly to find treasures sat waiting for them at the front of the class. They found a treasure map, a crown, and a gigantic purple and red crayon! What does this mean and where have they come from?

The children were encouraged to make a prediction for what all of the items might mean.


“The crayons are gigantic. Maybe they are magic?”

“That could be Queen Elizabeth crown. The Queen has come to visit us”

“I think it might be big foot, the crown will fit on his head and he uses the crayons to draw big pictures”.

“The map shows the pirates on a boat. I think they are searching for the treasure chest. The crown is missing from the treasure chest”

“I think the pencils draw pictures and can make you disappear to a different land. The map helps you to get home”.


We looked at some further clues for our new story, The Quest! Uh oh, there was a big problem with this book….. all of the words had disappeared! We decided as a class it is our job to retell this story using our amazing creative ideas! Here are the two pictures we looked at today. Matilda class were fantastic at observing and looking at the pictures closely! Can you spot the mermaid hand reaching out to the children? What else can you see?





Watch this space to see how our story writing develops this week! 






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