Year 3 Rowling – Quest

Rowling class had an exciting start to the day this morning when we discovered an unusual box in our classroom. We made a quick prediction about what might be inside but we didn’t guess correctly!

To our amazement, we discovered a kings crown, some crayons, a map and a book! This book is called Quest by Aaron Becker. The book is filled with amazing pictures telling us a story, however the book has no words so we took it upon ourselves to begin to write the words to go into the book.

We started with a setting description and the setting that the girl and boy first see when they step through an unusual door.,.

As you can see below, the children loved writing their descriptions and the quality of work is amazing! Over the next few days we’ll be writing the rest of the story and including our setting in this story.

Watch this space for more amazing writing from Rowling class!

Miss Gedney

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