Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Exciting Quest!

This morning, we had an exciting delivery of a box filled with some clues – we had a golden crown, a red and purple crayon and an interesting map! We made some predictions about what the clues might be for before finding out that they linked to our new book for this week – Quest by Aaron Becker. We read the book together and found out all about the character’s exciting quest adventure to find all the crayons and rescue the captured King! As the book was only made up of pictures (and no words), we had lots of fun trying to tell the story ourselves and guess what was happening in each of the pictures. We were very excited to find out that all of the other classes in school were also learning about the same story too.

After this, we then explored the characters in more detail and wrote some character descriptions. We can’t wait to explore the story more this week and write our own journey stories.

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