Rowling – A great week!

Rowling class have had a great week this week, filled with lots of activity and new learning!

Here are some of the highlights of our week.

On Monday we started our new Geography unit, learning all about the HS2, a high speed rail network joining parts of the country. We recapped our knowledge of the continents and oceans and learnt about the counties that will be affected by the HS2.

We wrote poems based on the poem ‘The Door’ but we made a change and wrote ‘The Forest’ writing phrases that describe what you might find in the forest.

In PE, we enjoyed getting personal bests in our new ‘Social’ cog, looking at jumps. We had to jump 3 times in different ways, one after the other and place a cone down to show how far we jumped. Then, each time we had to try to beat our best! It was lots of fun and there was some careful but challenging jumps.

On Wednesday we had a spooky trip to the forest, which led into our new text ‘Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat’. Our text is a tale of fear so we introduced the children to the feeling of suspense, by leading the children into the forest and making noises and sounds which made them feel a bit nervous! We talked about the words and phrases that we could use in our writing to build suspense. We then came back to the classroom and began to learn our model text. An image of the model text is below. Can you remember the whole text with the actions?

Today, we started our computing unit on Scratch. We learnt how to log in, how to create and change a sprite and how to change the background. There were some creative images made!

Here are some pictures of our week.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Gedney

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