What an amazing day in Robinson class!

WOW!!! Robinson class have had the most amazing afternoon!!! We have been learning all about people who help us. Today we were focussing on the fire service. We had a fantastic talk where we learnt about the importance of fire alarms, what to do in a fire and the dangers in our home (specifically our bedroom) that may cause a fire. We were incredibly lucky to meet the local fire crew and were able to sit in the engine, use the hose and learn more about the protective clothing the crew wears to keep safe.

Here are some of the questions we asked the crew and what the children learnt in their own words:

What we learnt from our fire service visit:

We always have to check our fire alarms and test them out once a month. If you catch fire you must stop, drop and roll. Do not run away from the flames. The smoke is poisonous and fire staff wear masks to protect themselves. The fire alarms are noisy. We learnt as soon as there is a fire you must leave the building immediately. The fire crew use strong water to try and put out the fire. We keep fire alarms on the ceilings because the smoke rises. The clothes have a honeycomb material to keep the staff safe. We must keep electronic devices away from materials and bedding as they might catch on fire. We need to keep our bedrooms tidy so there are less things to catch fire and the fire people are safe. We should always keep doors closed to stop smoke and fire spreading. If there is a fire you can use the back of your hand to check if the door is hot before opening it.


How comfortable is your suit? Grace
Do you have a button that calls the fire people to you? Leo
Is your hat really hard? Declan
Can you wash your suit in the washing machine? Sam
Have you ever got a trophy for your work? Zackary
Is it hard to put on your suit? Artur
When you go in the fire, does it ever burn your suit? Artur
Do you have to be very brave to be a fireman? Natalia?
What is life like to be a firefighter? Archie
Have you ever had to spray a person who is on fire? Leo
Is being a firefighter a dangerous job? Zackary
Can we hear the fire sirens? Grace
How do you save people? Natalia
Do you have to wear your hat all of the time? Ethan
How long do you have to train to be a firefighter? Natasha
Can you show us your lights? Leo


Have a great weekend.


Miss Leatherland

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