Year 3 Dahl – Geography

This term in Geography, we have been learning about the HS2 project. In our last lesson, we explored the main reasons for the project and the positive things that would happen when the HS2 project is complete. We found out that it will make it easier for people to live and work where they want because it will cut many journeys to major cities in half. It will also mean that trains on local routes will be less busy.

In today’s lesson, we have been learning about the positive and negative impact the HS2 project will have on the landscape. We discovered that there are lots of good things that will happen as a result of the project. For example, 7 million trees and shrubs will be planted, and bridges will be built so that people and wildlife can cross safely. However, we also discovered that there will be some things which have a negative impact on the landscape, including an area of land the size of Manchester being turned into concrete!

We have really enjoyed learning about the project in our Geography lessons so far and are looking forward to finding out more next week!

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