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Wow! What a great Christmas show the children in Year 1 performed over the last two days.  Their singing and speaking voices were loud and clear, the dancing was beautiful and their smiles showed how much they enjoyed themselves. Well done Year 1!

When we were back in class we continued to talk about the meaning of Christmas and what it means to Christians.  We looked at a beautiful pop up book of the story of the First Christmas and drew some great pictures of different parts of the story and wrote some captions to go with the drawings including:

It was where baby Jesus was born.

The 3 Kings are going to see the baby, the star is shining.

Mary and Joseph had a baby in a stable.

The angels are going to see the baby.

An angel told Mary she was going to have a baby.

What great performers, artists and writers you all are, well done!

Mrs Egan


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