Year 1 Woodland Walk

We had a wonderful woodland walk this morning around the local woods.  The children wrapped up warm for the wintery weather and spotted lots of signs of winter.  Some of the comments made were:

I can hear birds singing sweetly.

There are crumply, old leaves covering the muddy floor.  We talked about describing the leaves as being like a thick blanket or carpet covering the ground.

We saw a huge log that had fallen across the ditch.  We decided it looked as big as a giant’s finger or arm.

On a fallen log we saw feathery fungi.

Luckily we spotted some snowdrops just peaking their heads through the crumply leaves. The petals looked as white as snow.

One child was heard saying “I feel so happy, I love this adventure!”

A big thank you to all our volunteers who came along to help.  What a great start to the week! Well done Year 1.

Year 1 team

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