Mozart’s last week before half-term

Mozart had a fantastic last week before the half-term break! In English, the children wrote some great openings and endings for their ‘defeat the monster’ stories, using the tools that we have come up with for our openings and endings toolkit. After half-term, we will be beginning our warm writes. I’m really looking forward to the imaginative stories that the children come up with, and to see them put these tools into action!

In Maths, we have just finished our multiplication unit, and we are beginning to look at division. The children were very surprised to learn that dividing numbers can sometimes leave us with remainders! We will be continuing this topic after the break.

Finishing off our week, in aid of Children’s Mental Health week, we spent Friday afternoon discussing our ‘hands of support’. The children had the opportunity to draw around their hands and write the names of adults (both from home and in school) that they know they can trust to share any concerns with. We discussed how we can support each other if we ever feel worried, as well as what we can do to help us feel better!

I hope you’re all having a lovely half-term – if the children could please continue practising their times tables on TTRS at home, that would be brilliant. I have invited all of the children to a competition on ‘Rockslam’, so they should be able to challenge both myself and each other to continue to improve their times tables knowledge.

On a side note, just a reminder that the children need to bring their swimming kits in on Tuesday please. We will be heading off to Danes Camp first thing in the morning.

Stay safe and see you on Tuesday!

Miss Robson

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