A great week of learning in Wiggins Class

What a brilliant week we have had! Some of the work in our afternoons has been based around resilience and working hard to get better at things we find difficult. We have also been trying to improve our patience and our turn taking skills, communication, listening to and following instructions and collaboration. We have had lots of fun in the forest, playground, classroom, courtyard and sensory room.

The children have made their version of the stew that may have been boiling away in the pot that the big bad wolf landed in when he climbed down the chimney. Surprisingly nobody wanted to taste it but I think you will understand why when you see the pictures! There was plenty of splashing in puddles at the Forest School, playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” in the playground and a competition to build the tallest wall with the cup stacking game.

I am so proud of the children!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Haigh

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