Paddington Class

Another great week in Paddington Class!  The highlights for me have been when we were scientists, working on our IT stills with robots and expolring shapes as mathematicians.

In science we looked that the materials of different objects and placed them in order according the their properties.  We talked about how dull or shinny, rough or smooth and stretchy or stiff different objects were.  Then we placed them along a gradient and used the words dullest, shiniest, smoothest, roughest, stretchiest and stiffest to talk about the materials.

In Computing we have been looking at how to program a robot.  The children learnt how to make the robots travel in a set pattern.  Some were able to make the robots travel in  squares and rectangles, we had great fun with them!

We have also been recapping the names of 2D shapes and started to talk about names and properties of 3D shapes.  The children were able to sort the shapes and did brilliantly remembering their shape names by the end of the lesson, can you remember them now?

Below are a selection photos of our adventures this week. Next week is Sciences week and we will be celebrating it by developing our wormy and learning about worms and how important they.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Egan



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