Mozart – National Science Week

This week we are celebrating National Science Week, with the theme this year being ‘Growth’. This morning, we discussed all the different meanings of growth – from people physically growing, to growing our minds, or even growing plants and vegetables!

The children really enjoyed their Science lesson this afternoon, where their task was to design their own healthy, planet-friendly burgers. They discovered how making sustainable food choices can help save our planet, as often food can travel a long distance before it reaches our plates and forest or grassland can be cleared in order to farm it. Depending on how food is grown or caught, it can also damage ocean life!

The children had a fabulous time choosing the healthiest ingredients for their burgers and explaining why they are planet-friendly.

As part of National Science Week, the children have been invited to take part in a competition where they can make a poster all about growth (perhaps a topic that they are particularly interested in!) ready for a winning poster to be chosen this Friday. The award will be a slimy prize!

Also, just a quick reminder that on Friday it is Comic Relief day, so we have asked the children to come to school dressed in their favourite colour. They can also hand in the habitats they might have created for their themed nose. Again, the winner of this competition will win a prize!

Have a great evening!

Miss Robson

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