Mini Mathematicians in Wiggins Class

This morning the children in Wiggins Class became mini mathematicians as they explored, investigated and learned all about repeating patterns, shapes and tessellations, estimating and counting.

They were challenged to identify a repeating pattern and continue it and to spot the mistakes that the adults had made! For some reason, the children always enjoy correcting us! Once they were confident with this they had to create their own patterns, building on the work we had done earlier this week with potato printing.

Tessellation is always a favourite, especially for some of the children in the class. They were asked to see if they could cover a space with shapes, leaving no spaces and worked hard to meet this challenge.

They have really improved their ability to recognise and name 2d shapes and have learned about some of their properties. Again, they thoroughly enjoyed the part where they can tell us if we make a mistake! They explored how some 2d shapes fit inside other shapes and communicated what they had found out.

We had a wonderful maths lesson and the children were engaged and challenged throughout. It would be great if they can work on finding patterns at home as part of their home learning and send me a photograph to share at school.

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