Rowling Class – DT, RE and Science!

Wow! What a wonderful week of topic lessons we have had! T

This week, we have been finishing our DT, RE and Science units of work.

In Science, we explored magnets, investigating which materials are magnetic and how strong magnets are. As you can see, we had great fun! One of our tasks was to make a paper clip move without touching it and the children loved creating a maze for their friends to follow. We like a bit of competition in Rowling class and as you can see, we had to find out which magnet could hold the most classroom objects! The magnets were very strong.

In our DT lessons, we have been learning about pneumatics and created moving monsters. We also enjoyed making a monster without the pneumatics and we used a tab to make the monster move. In groups, we made large monsters and will add the pneumatic after half term when the glue has finished drying!

In our RE lessons, we have been looking at different religious festivals and how they are celebrated. We have learnt about Ramadan, Passover, Holi and Holy Week. Today we looked at how Christian’s celebrate Easter now and enjoyed making beautiful Easter gardens!

We’ve had an incredibly busy term and I know we’re all ready for some rest and some sunshine!

Well done Rowling class!

Miss Gedney

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