Book discussion in Paddington Class

What a great first day back! It was great to see everyone and share the adventures you had over the holiday.

We started to look at this picture book called ‘The Arrival’.  It has no words at all so we had lots of discussions about what we think is happening in the pictures.  Some of the ideas that were shared included:

The man is a detective because he has a round hat and a brief case, he will be investigating what the alien creature is.

The man is going on an aeroplane, he is carrying a suitcase but the unusual creature is going to make him late.

The man is holding a stick to protect himself in case the strange alien scratches him.

The creature is his pet.  The man is going to throw the stick for him to chase after and bring it back.

The creature is naughty he has stolen the man’s newspaper.

They are going on a journey on a boat, the man needs lots of food because his pet is hungry.

Do you think the creature is a friendly, kind, fun pet or a terrifying, unusual, rare alien?  Will you choose to write instructions to look after and care for it as a pet or instructions on how to capture the horrifying alien?  I am looking forward to reading what you write.

A great start to the new term, well done Paddington Class!

Mrs Egan

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