Robinson’s week

Wow! What a fabulous week we have had! Robinson Class have been busy sharing items in to different groups in Maths, as well as counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s! In English we’ve been creating some metaphors for our family members, “My Mum is a chocolate cupcake.” was my favourite! We went to the garden to help with the weeding, watering of the plants and we filled the pond with water. We looked for the frogs but we think they were hiding from the noise!  We enjoyed Forest School, from being in a submarine, in our dens, making rafts and decorating the trees, everyone was busy!   We had a great time at the sports festival and in Wiggins class, especially Music Bugs with the parachute and balls! A fun week! Miss Birch is incredibly proud and would like to thank them all for being Superstars!

Thank You Robinson class!

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