RE this afternoon – Mozart

Mozart class had a great afternoon today. We have been learning about the Pentecost in our past few RE lessons, so we looked at a map to see how Christianity as well as other religions have spread across the world. We talked about how, regardless of their language or where they come from, all religious people are united in their faith (and for Christians, especially in their worship of the Holy Spirit).

We then discussed how Christians believe that the disciples were able to speak in ‘different tongues’. The children were then asked to stick a label on their backs that they had not seen. Each of these labels had words for ‘hello’ and sometimes ‘peace’ in different languages. They then had to walk around the classroom and interact with each other by reading and doing what was on the other children’s labels. They really enjoyed this activity, and it was so interesting to learn how people greet each other in other countries!

We then went outside (it was lovely to see the sun shining more this afternoon!) and did PE, where the children practised passing and receiving balls and participated in some tricky throwing and catching challenges.

Well done, Mozart!

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