SU trip to Woburn Safari Park

Wow we have had an amazing day exploring Woburn Safari Park.

We started our adventure with a guided coach tour around the Safari Park. We saw so many animals it was really hard to choose a favourite. We were very fortunate to even see bear cubs which the tour guide said is extremely rare! The children loved seeing the rhinos, tigers, lions, monkeys, zebras, elephants and giraffes. We all giggled when we saw the monkeys jumping up onto the other people’s cars!

Once we had finished the driving tour, we walked around the foot safari. We were fortunate enough to see a feed and talk session with the penguins and a demonstration with the exotic birds. We loved seeing the Macaws as we have been learning about them in our lessons. The lady made the Macaw fly straight over our heads, we could almost feel the feathers.

After lunch, we went to the classroom to learn about furs, feathers and scales. It was interesting to learn how different animals use their skins to adapt and survive in the wild.

Lots of us had a sleep on the way home as we were tired from all of the excitement in the day.

I was very impressed with the behaviour of all of the children at the Safari Park. Everyone had impeccable manners and represented the school beautifully.

Well done Robinson and Wiggins.

Miss Leatherland

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