Rowling Class – Silverstone STEM visit

This morning, Charlotte from the Silverstone museum came to talk to Year 3 about motorsport and engineering.

First, we watched a video of Jenson Button racing around the Silverstone race track which was really exciting! Then, we compared two race cars from 2020 and 1950.

We looked at the similarities and differences between the cars and their features. in the 1950 image, there weren’t any safety features. Now, there are so many safety features to protect the drivers including the seatbelt and the halo.

Interestingly, a Red Bull car can cost up to 14 million pounds!

Charlotte showed us some Pirelli tyres which some of the children already knew about. We had a look at the wet and dry tyres and their differences.

Then, we split into 6 groups to explore the objects that Charlotte had bought with her. We were able to feel the tyres, try on the clothes and even the helmets!

What a great morning! Well done Rowling class.


Miss Gedney

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