Rowling – Science and Computing!

We’ve had a great week in our curriculum lessons this week

In Science, we investigated seed dispersal with paper spinners. The paper spinner acted as a sycamore seed and we investigated the variables that we could change to slow down the speed of the spinner.

We investigated:

  • Different types of paper.
  • Size of the wings.
  • The height the spinner was dropped from.
  • The number of paperclips (seeds) added.

We had great fun! We concluded that the heavier the spinner, the longer it took to reach the ground.

In computing this week, we have been programming a sprite to move around a maze. We used scratch and a given maze to then choose an appropriate sprite and then use the correct code to move the sprite around the maze. We used the duplicate tool and had to think about position and direction in order to move the sprite correctly. There were lots of problem solving opportunities and everyone persevered!

Well done Rowling class!

Miss Gedney

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