Capacity, mass and Writing in Paddington Class

This week we have learnt about capacity and mass. We have used sentences such as:

The bottle has a capacity of 4 cups.

The bottle has a greater capacity than a cup.

The rolling pin is heavier than the scissors.

The pen is lighter than the paint pot.

A group of children also sequenced some containers rom the least capacity to the greatest capacity, which can be seen in the photos below.

We have also been learning how to write a recount.  On Friday we explored the play equipment in school ready to write a recount about the fun we had next week.

Another great week Paddington Class, I look forward to seeing you on Monday.  Please remember your water bottles and sun hats as the forecast is for a hot day.  We will stay inside or in the shade to keep cool and will be completing activities with cold water throughout the day.

I am sad that it is our last week together before you go up to year 2 but I am so thankful for the time I have had teaching you all and I know you will have a great time in September.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Egan

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