Matilda Class- Rockets, Root Vegetables and Rolling Conkers

Another week has passed and I am shocked to say that we are already over half way though our first term!

The children have been preparing, planning and writing their ‘hot write’ based upon the story ‘The Enormous Turnip,’ adapting the story to include their own characters and objects stuck in the mud. The children have been writing independently over the past two days and have succeeded in telling their own story.

In our reading sessions we have been learning about poetry and how the words from the poem can help us to visualise pictures in our heads. We also talked about reading with expression and so the children worked together to put on a performance of the poem ‘I’m Building a Rocket’ which we have recorded for you.

In a rather soggy forest school session we explored all the changes that are happing around us now that we are in autumn. The children used conkers and paint to create some fantastic artwork which, due to the rain, is still drying off a bit! The children also had a lot of fun rolling the conkers down the pipes and trying to plant them to grow new trees.

A great week, see you all on Monday.

Mr Seddon

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