Great work in Wiggins Class

What an amazing week we are having in Wiggins Class!

Our beautiful poems and vocabulary work around the theme of conkers is complete. The finished pieces are framed and on display in the classroom. The children were so proud when they came in today and saw them up on the walls.

In PE we have worked hard to develop ball skills, improving our rolling, throwing and catching skills. We practised with beanbags first and some of the children found they can walk, run and stand up and sit down whilst balancing a beanbag on their head! Impressive!

Our maths lesson today focused on pattern work. We made fruit kebabs in repeating patterns and then got to eat them. I was so pleased that the children all tried them, even if it was only a lick!

We have started a new text in English too. It is a story about a little boy who loses a favourite toy and would you believe it, I lost my handbag on Tuesday! The children had to work hard to ask me questions so I could work out where it was. We retraced my steps and luckily found it! We have been learning lots of positional language too as we have thought about where the boy’s toy could have been.

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