Art in Paddington Class

We have been learning about seascapes in our art lessons this term.  We looked at the painting The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Turner.  We learnt that the painting if of a Ship being towed away to be taken apart because it cannot be sailed in anymore.   We thought about what the painting is off, what colours the artist used and discussed how it made use feel looking at the painting.  Some of the responses the children made include:

  • I feel sad for the ship because it won’t sail now.
  • I feel happy and calm because I like the colours in the sky
  • I feel happy because it reminds me of being at the seaside
  • I feel happy because I like art!

We have been working on our painting skills to paint our own seascapes, mixing powder paints to make different shades or blues for the sea and sky.  The children have worked really carefully and are enjoying being artists!


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