Incredible Ukulele Performance!

Wow! This morning, Year 6 showcased their incredible ukulele skills which they have learnt across their 10 week Ukulele course with NMPAT and they were all A-MA-ZING!

The concert consisted of a variety of pieces which showed the skills learnt each week, the progression throughout the unit and most importantly – the enjoyment all the children felt producing a range of music. The children performed a number of songs including:

  • Shake it off
  • Rocking all over the world
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (the overwhelming favourite!)

It was such a pleasure to watch the children perform with such enthusiasm and enjoyment, we are so proud of how far the children have progressed in such a short space of time.

Well done Year 6!

Mr Howley, Mrs Hateley and Mrs Davies

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