Rowling DT- Christmas Packaging!

The children have really enjoyed making packaging today to help the elves.

The children were told this morning about an emergency that they needed to help with. Some cheeky elves were opening the packaging of presents and they needed to replace the packaging quick.

First, we explored what is packaging and the purpose of packaging. We discovered that the best packaging is strong and secure to keep the item inside safe.

Then, the children then had a look at different types of packaging and the nets that created the packaging. I was really impressed by the children’s knowledge of nets.

After investigating nets, we thought about how we can ensure the packaging is strong. The children showed great teamwork skills when testing out different ways we can make materials stronger.

It was then time to think about designing our own packaging. We had a practise of building the packaging using different nets before the children created their own packaging. It was tricky at times when building the packaging but everyone showed great resilience skills by not giving up.

Everyone worked really hard today and showed a variety of different skills including teamwork, resilienceĀ  and creativity. Well done, Rowling!






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