Year 3 Dahl – DT Day!

Dahl class have had lots of fun learning about packaging in our DT day today! Our morning began with a message from some of Santa’s elves who explained that some of the cheeky elves had been causing mischief by unwrapping some of the Christmas presents and damaging the packaging in the process! They asked us to help design and create our own packaging to help them come up with some of their own ideas before Santa noticed that some of the presents had been opened!

We started the day by thinking about the different types of packaging we see. We thought of lots of examples such as food packaging and packaging for parcels and gifts before comparing different examples. Then, we watched a video to help us learn more about the process behind designing and making packaging. We thought carefully about the importance of designing packaging that is strong, secure and keeps the items inside safe. When looking at carboard packages, we discovered that these are made from a ‘net’ that is folded together to create a 3D shape. To help us understand this, we deconstructed lots of cardboard packaging before using different nets to construct a 3D shape. We also investigated the different ways we can strengthen packaging. Finally, we planned, designed and made our own Christmas packaging this afternoon!

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