Never Give Up!

We all know that the children at Simon de Senlis are resilient learners who work very hard to improve their knowledge and skills and today the children in Wiggins Class proved that many times over.

In English, we learned to follow instructions in order to master a dance that Romeo and Juliet may have danced at the ball. It was definitely not an easy lesson, but the children were great at repeating parts of it to get better. We will revisit this lesson to improve further over the next few days.

In PSHE, we thought again about the things which we find challenging. I tried hard to build a tower which kept falling down. Luckily, the children were keen to offer me help and shared their ideas of what I needed to do to make my building more successful. What a great team. I then challenged them to move a piece of paper across the table without touching it. After a few attempts trying out a range of strategies, the children opted for fanning it across the table and blowing it.

Next, I challenged them to build a structure using marshmallows and spaghetti. They were fabulous!   It didn’t take long to realise that shorter pieces of spaghetti might work best and the children set to work making structures.

I was so impressed at their thinking skills and how helping each other made everyone involved feel good.

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