Matilda Class- Romeo and Juliet Showcase

Another end to another fantastic week for Matilda class. I fear I am at risk of repeating myself in these blog posts but yet again the children have given 100% and throughly impressed me with their hard work and determination. It was so lovely to share all of their hard work with all of you who were able to make it in today for our showcase event! The children throughly enjoyed having you in and it was great to see you sharing in their pride and achievements. For those of you who were unfortunately unable to come this morning, I have attached a couple of pictures below so you can get a flavour of what happened.

Whilst the showcase has taken up a good amount of time, the children have been continuing with their other subjects. In maths this week we have been doubling and halving numbers. To do this we have been using objects and drawing out counters. In history we have continued to learn about two amazing nurses; Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. In science we have been looking into the materials that make the things we use everyday and where those materials come from.

Thank you very much for a fantastic week, I hope you hall have a lovely weekend.
Mr Seddon

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